The internet is liked because it helps

The mainstream adopts new behaviour if something is relevant not because it is cutting edge. If it is easily understood and easy to use then it will reach the masses.  Many see the benefit of email to keep in touch with family or at work. Plenty buy online for the range, cost and convenience. Plenty use the internet for information and some for entertainment.


Where mainstream brands can add value is not using online to communicate a message, and on the whole it’s not about experiences in the narrower sense, most people don’t want to interact with brands online. It’s about giving value and oh, by the way, it was provided by a brand. 


The mistake is to think of the internet as an alternative to TV, when in fact the best use of digital is to act in ways that brands have never done before, by creating value beyond the products and service from which they make their profits. 


Despite a rise in living standards levels of happiness and contentment have dropped. Material wealth has not brought utopia, there are still many pressures and frustrations, it is part of the human condition, and brands need to find new ways to help people find equilibrium in their lives.


The mainstream want help, so help them, don’t sell to them.


Web 2.0 is based on being helpful and so has been the driving force for all things digital. And not only are web 2.0 brands helpful they are free, open and honest.


Traditional brands need to learn from web 2.0 and radically rethink marketing. They need to think “How does my brand help and how can it help online”  


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